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Emotional Intelligence During a "Distant" 2020.

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

EIQ develops our self recognition in dealing with a tumultuous year. This introspection also helps with our social recognition that allows us to relate with others in tense and unpredictable circumstances.

Any good 2020 social plans were likely canceled. Vacations and trips halted for a travel ban. Sports arenas stood empty. Intimate weddings took place outside and school (and some graduations) happened virtually. It will take a generation to understand the social and emotional effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, let alone to massive political and social events that accompanied it. The same social media that served as America's main source of socialization in the early days of quarantine soon erupted with civil unrest and the pressures of a presidential election. As the country processed these events, disagreements raged, tempers flared, dialogue descended into vitriol, and people expressed things they would later regret.

“Hurting people hurt people.”

The need for EIQ.

Self Recognition: "Know Thyself" - Plato. Self Recognition allows human beings to recognize their hurt and see their bias. Amid difficult circumstances, self-awareness is crucial to de-escalate situations and not make matters worse. Self Recognition also allows people to discern whether they need help. When citizens care for their emotional needs instead of lashing out at others, they can begin the healing process and avoid adding to their troubles.

Social Recognition: When people understand their emotional state, they have better perspective to help others. They can offer empathy and reasoned responses to others in need. They also relate to others with whom they disagree in a civil and neutral manner.

Self Management: Integrity, self-discipline, and productivity help people move beyond minimal social functionality. When humans become motivated and focused, their mood, productivity, and contribution to their loved ones increases.

Social Management: Once a person is able to understand themselves, their communities, and their potential, they make a greater impact in society. John Maxwell defined leadership as "influence." Those who attain Social Management lead others in difficult times. As we transition into an uncertain 2021, perhaps one of those leaders is you.

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