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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My name is Mike Cunningham my life's work is "people." For twenty-five years, I've helped clients find their passion, overcome obstacles, and achieve their dreams. Every person has potential and the resources offered through Elevate Leadership can help them discover their strengths and calling. Furthermore, the DISC, EIQ, CQ, and ID resources advise each person how their unique gifting interacts with others. Success happens when talented individuals become talented teams. 

Beyond success, I wish happiness and contentment for my clients. Whether they need help with personal goals, healthy living, or marriage enrichment, I will make sure they do not neglect these vital areas of life.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you live your life without limits.

Mike Cunningham

Mike Cunningham lives with his family near Provo, Utah. They enjoy the outdoors, community involvement, and faith-based activities. 


  • CQ and Unconscious Bias - Cultural Intelligence Center.

  • DISC/Motivators and EIQ - Assessments 24x7.

  • Instructional Design - University of Utah.


  • Ph.D. in Leadership (ABD).

  • 25 years of experience helping people succeed. 

  • NAMB-Endorsed Disaster Relief and Prison Chaplain

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