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Do You Know Yourself?

There is a saying, "Know yourself to lead yourself." People have to lead themselves if they hope to lead others. If people do not know their tendencies and habits, they can miss personal and professional growth opportunities. If they cannot grow in their competencies and personal life, they can stagnate and become frustrated. Furthermore, their subordinates feel those limitations and frustrations. Self-awareness and self-improvement are essential to raising leader capacity.

Can you lose a sense of identity and purpose?

Changes in an era, generational changing of the guard, and changes in life stage are natural times to reevaluate one's purpose and goals. Newly married, new parents, empty nesters, and recent retirees find their lives upended as their priorities and goals change. Furthermore, major cultural events such as recessions (layoffs), tech innovation (ground-breaking inventions), and changes in the business organization (and management) can leave people feeling lost and destabilized. Three recent events radically altered the work landscape: COVID-19, the acceleration of remote work, and the "Great Resignation." The coming years will bring unprecedented change and adaptation as this generational and technological shift continues.

How do I reconnect with myself and anticipate these changes?

The good news is there have never been more resources to help in your journey to self-discovery. Some people need a tune-up and some encouragement. They may need some light professional and life coaching to pivot changes in their work and personal life. Personality profiles should be updated as they are fluid and not static. As a person grows in their life, they will undoubtedly evolve in their personality. There are also resources to help adapt to workplace structures and demographic changes. Other people may need more intensive coaching to overcome demoralizing experiences or differences that threaten to render them obsolete. Coaching can help people fill in gaps in their personal and professional competencies and possibly navigate a potential career or life transition.

A word of encouragement.

It is never too late to grow as a person. J. Oswald Sanders said, "People of vision gauge decisions on the future; the story of the past cannot be rewritten." Don't fear the future, face it with confidence. If you can move forward with a flexible and teachable posture, you can avoid defensiveness and achieve success. Leaders grow throughout their life. See the future as an adventure and you will be able to embrace the new seasons and challenges that life brings.

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