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Do you have a scarcity mindset?

Psychology Today states that "Scarcity orients the mind automatically and powerfully toward unfulfilled needs." John Spacey adds Seven Examples of a Scarcity Mindset.

Have you ever felt stuck or hopeless? Are there circumstances where you cannot visualize a favorable or preferred outcome?

I've noticed a scarcity mindset disparity not only among temperaments but also generations. As a Gen X, many of us were told, "Don't mess up!" or "What's your backup plan?" Many in my generation cohort majored in and chose their backup plan as a career because they never really felt permission to risk failure. They also would not enjoy the ensuing lecture if they were not successful. "See, you should have chosen your backup plan!"

"I told you so,"

These four words can haunt and damage people. While I concede instances of outright rebellion and terrible judgment can warrant these words, they ring hollow when applied to career paths and life purposes. Second-guessing is rarely accurate, and there is no guarantee that a surefire backup plan would have worked out if you chose to go that route.

"What are you afraid of?"

Are you constantly thinking of what you can lose or whom you can disappoint? That perspective removes all passion and optimism from life and produces misery. If you are continually trying not to mess will likely mess up. Actor, Jim Carey, tells the story of his father, whom he believed was more funny and talented than himself. Carey's driving motivations for going to Hollywood were his father's unhappiness and unwillingness to take that risk. He lamented that his father was proof that "you can fail at something you hate." Carey countered, "so have the nerve to fail at something you love."

Consider a growth/abundance mindset.

Permit yourself to fail. Take time to formulate your core values and ambitions. It is never too late to bet on yourself. You may need training, education, or coaching, but you are worth it. Today marks a new day for you. May you use it to embrace your preferred future with an abundance mindset.

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