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Are You Performing At Your Best?

Are you a perfectionist, or are you lenient with yourself? Take a moment and score yourself on a 100 scale in your life, such as work, family, education (if applicable), health/fitness, life balance, and finances. Are you an easy or hard grader? Do you lament falling short of perfection, or are you satisfied with a "C" average?

Let me ask you a question. "What would it look like if you were functioning at the top of your capacity?" Would it be a big or small difference? For many, complacency and routine have set in. In those cases, that "C" average represents getting by. Let me counter that by asking what it would look like if your capacity went up 10-20%? Would you finish that degree? Would you get that promotion? Would you lose weight? Would you be a more present and intentional parent? Would your marriage be more satisfying?

Raise Your Game.

Don't settle. Raising your capacity and realizing your potential is within your reach. A few changes in personal habits each day yields powerful results over time. Sometimes a simple 10-20% jump in productivity makes all the difference. That effort can be felt across all aspects of your life and move you toward a preferred future. While that "C" average feels comfortable, it holds you back. To quote Star Trek's Captian Pike's challenge to a young James T. Kirk, "I dare you to do better."

Coaching resources allow you to address areas of complacency and strive toward your goals. If you need coaching resources, you can contact us at

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